Global Fish

Global Fish AS was established in 1989 by the brothers Geir Robin & Jan Otto Hoddevik. A few years later the fishingvessel owners Sigurd & Knut Teige (brothers) and Johannes Bjarne Eggesbo joined the company as partners. In 1999 Global Fish joined Pan Pelagic AS together with Pan Fish ASA (Now Marine Harvest ASA) and 2007 they established Norway Pelagic ASA (Now Pelagia AS) together with Domstein ASA. Global Fish AS was re-established in 2013 and is now owned by companies controlled by Birger H Dahl, Sigurd & Knut Teige and Geir Robin & Jan Otto Hoddevik. Most of the owners have family traditions within the pelagic fishing business dating back more then 100 years.

Global Fish AS has since it was established focused on pelagic fish as mackerel, horsemackerel, herring, blue whiting and capelin. These species are still the core business of the company.

Global Egersund AS was established in 2013. The plant is situated on the south/west corner of Norway, just one hour by car south-east of Stavanger. It is a great position for pelagic fish and outstanding for Matjies products. Read more on “Facilities" page.

We are proud to be able to offer excellent quality world wide.